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Crankworx Insta Highlights

Crankworx 2016 was one of the best yet with record breaking attendance, challenging courses, and unforgettable biking. The sun was out for the whole ten days and the village atmosphere carried the buzz of excitement and adrenaline. Many records were created and many athletes challenged what we know as the norm on a bicycle. The festival has come and gone for another year and although we had such a memorable time, we felt it was only justified to relive it through Instagram!

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Photo: @crankworx

The gross kicked off the festival with timed trials, scavenger hunts, pump track challenge, DH race and even an enduro. The amount of kids participating led to some competitive (and adorable) races!

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Photo: @car1jones C/O Katie O’Neil

The EWS Whistler stop was gruelling. The athletes were required to complete 5 stages in the brutal summer heat and some considered the stages to be the most challenging ones in the race series yet. One such stage landed most riders on the ground, making the athletes strive to simply complete the race as opposed to place.

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Photo: @steve_storey C/O Ben Hagger

The Deep Summer Photo Challenge set 5 professional photographers against each other to complete a slide show, capturing biking and bike culture in Whistler. The catch: They had 3 days to shoot, edit and complete a show. Despite the harsh light, hot days and limited amount of time, these professional photographers each delivered an unforgettable show. Ben Hagger is currently in the running for Viewer’s choice.

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Photo: @jaimerhill C/O David Trumpore

The ladies brought it to the Whip Off this year and gave the boys a run for their money with comparable whips. This year, the ladies involved made the level of athleticism so high, it’s going to be interesting seeing what next year’s participants bring to the table!

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 12.47.07 AM

Photo: @crankworx C/O Scott Robarts

2016 saw the pump track moved from the village to Base 2. It set the grounds for a bigger, badder and faster pump track. Many moves that had not been seen on the former pump track were brought out and it was quite the evening show as well as party! Jill Kitner, reigning Queen of Crankworx secured her title at this event.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 12.26.27 AM

Photo: @jeremyjsaunders

Canadian Open was seeing a number of riders crash with it’s loose and dusty conditions. The crashes just amped the crowd up even more. That being said, Heckler’s Rock saw it’s last year as the best place to hoot and holler at the athletes going down the track. It went out with a bang requiring police to come shut it down.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 12.02.48 AM

Photo: @brettrheeder C/O Sterling Lorence

After an unforgettable run and tricks that were considered first in JoyRide history, Brett Reeder took home a well deserved 1st place. The stakes were high and the level of competition was pushing boundaries, nonetheless, all the athletes were incredible to watch.

Being part of Crankworx is an experience not to miss. With your Adventure Passport in hand, you’re guaranteed to have more fun and find more deals than you could possibly anticipate. Write it down on the calendar for next year because in true Crankworx fashion, it’s all about the progression meaning the 2017 festival is going to be out of this world!

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