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10 Adventure New Year’s Resolutions You Should Actually Keep

It’s the beginning of a new year and the opportunity to start fresh! This doesn’t mean you need to overhaul your whole life but it is a great opportunity to work on what’s important to you! Travel is often included on a New Year’s resolution list but as with many goals, it’s importance falls to the wayside within the first few months, even with the best intentions. Baby steps we like to say and these 10 adventure New Year’s resolutions you should actually keep will help you achieve your goal of wanderlust!

1. Say Yes to new activities

Be a Yes person. Even if your friend asks you to go horseback riding and you have a fear of horses…you’re going! Live without limitations and you will be surprised where the opportunities that arise take you!

2. Take a solo trip

Take yourself out on a date or better yet, a weekend away. There is a huge sense of accomplishment and freedom when you are able to travel on your own.

3. Try New Foods

Trying new foods is a great way to experience the whole world close to home. You never know, you may just find your next favorite meal!

4. Go New places

Even just for the weekend! Travelling doesn’t have to be going to a foreign land; it can be a road trip or exploring your own town.

5. Play outside!

You can’t go wrong with a little sunshine and so it happens, being in the outdoors almost always transcribes into adventure!

6. Make New Friends

Make that extra effort to get to know those around you. If your interests a line, a new friend and a new adventure may be waiting.

7. Use your feet

Many of us underestimate the adventure that can come out of walking. Places that you pass on a daily basis can be seen through a new light and you may even end up somewhere new.

8.  Put down the phone

Your phone can be both a hindrance and a blessing with traveling but mostly, it can take away from you experiencing your surroundings to the fullest. Facebook is not how you want to spend your holiday.

9. Pamper Yourself

Sometimes taking care of you requires a trip to the spa.  Your body will be your vessel when exploring new sights and surroundings. Being in a place mentally where you are able to practice patience will only help you later on.

10. Get a deal where possible!

Sticking to a budget and looking for deals where possible will allow for more financial breathing room and in turn, more travel!

Well then, what’s it going to be? Are you going to put traveling on your New Year’s resolution list or are you going to use these adventure resolutions to continually push your limits and get you exploring? Your Adventure Passport can make achieving many of these goals easier with its comprehensive guidebook and $1000 in savings! So what are you waiting for? Get out and get going!

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