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A Day In Whistler Bike Park

There is so much to do in Whistler during the summer months and the Whistler Bike Park should be on your list! When you see all the hustle and bustle surrounding the bottom of the chair, you will want to be part of it! Nervous? Don’t stress, we’ve got the lowdown on how to make your day in the Bike Park enjoyable and keep you coming back for more!

Rent Your Bike

Don’t worry about travelling with your bike and gear, just a grab a Whistler Adventure Passport and receive 10% at the Whistler Mountain Bike Demo Centre! Here, you will be able to try the most technologically advanced bikes and feel what its like to ride a professional mountain bikers bike! For the beginner rider, this is an excellent opportunity to ride a high end bike and focus on your skills.

Take A Lesson

Lessons are not just for novice riders, the lessons available in Whistler range from beginner to expert levels. It is a great way to improve technique, learn the do’s and don’ts of the park, and to challenge yourself. It can also help you navigate the park with a fun group of people!

Visit the Skills Centre

The Fitzsimmons Skills Centre is where you will find a guide on duty at all times and it’s of no cost to access their wealth of knowledge. Work on pumping, dropping, steering and cornering in this area before or during your trail riding. If you have questions regarding trails or anything else pertaining the Bike Park, the guides will make sure you have the knowledge to safety proceed and to have fun!


A day spent in the park deserves a celebration! If you have your Whistler Adventure Passport on hand, visit Longhorn, StonesEdge or Tapley’s for great deals!

Follow these great tips and your Bike Park experience will be fun and full of deals, as long has you have your ultimate travel companion  with you- The Whistler adventure Passport!

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