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The Britannia Mine Museum

One of the amazing adventures you can find a deal on with your Adventure Passport is the Britannia Mine Museum. The mine museum let’s you experience a piece of the Sea to Sky’s history and exactly what life was like back when the mine was flourishing. A museum, historical site, mine tour and gold panning all exist on the grounds. In the 20th century, it was fully functional, and now it is a National Historic Site just waiting for you to explore!

FACT: Canada’s second worst landslide occurred here at midnight on March 22, 1915. 56 lives were lost and many of the bodies were never recovered.

The History

Britannia mine was opened in 1904 and was in operation until 1974. The initial owners were the Howe Sound Company and subsidiary Britannia Mining & Smelting Company. At one point, it employed 60,000 that primarily mined ore. Ore is a type of rock that contains sufficient minerals with important elements including metals that can be economically extracted from the rock. In Britannia’s case, the metals that were able to be extracted from the ore were copper, zinc, lead, cadmium, silver and gold. The mine went through some up’s and down’s with three massive disasters that had many fatalities. Despite the disasters, it was the largest copper mine in British Commonwealth by the late 1930’s. Britannia was the home and livelihood of many families, children and foreign workers until it’s close.

FACT: Despite being close to Vancouver, Britannia was very isolated for much of its history. Until the coming of the railway in 1956 and the highway in 1958.

The Experience

The full mine experience consists of a visit to the museum as well as an underground tour. The museum site contains machinery, heritage buildings, permanent exhibits that offer an insight into the social and mining history of BC; and finally a machine shop where you can see all the interesting machines that were used to mine the ore that Britannia was famous for. The underground tour let’s you hope in a mine cart and actually go inside. Once there, you will see the inner workings as well as the tools used. Don’t forget to pan for gold on your way out, whatever gold flecks you find, you get to keep! Wander freely through out the grounds and don’t forget to bring a sweater as going down below the earth has been known to be a bit chilly.

FACT: Although mainly a copper mine, gold was found at Britannia

The Deal 

With your Adventure Passport, you can save $10 on an adult entry and $5 on a child entry into the mine. The the underground adventure of a life time awaits you at this award winning National Historic Site. What are you waiting for?

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