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Whistler on A Budget

Whistler is full of ways to spend money; activities, tickets, food and lodging all come at a cost. When visiting this mountain town, there is no need to sell off all the worldly possessions you own to meet your travel dreams- just a realistic budget. Budgeting your travel costs can help you be prepared and let you experience everything you want to on your dream trip. Keeping costs low and within your delegated amount requires a little research and a little local knowledge. We happen to be the experts on finding a deal so we have gathered up some tips to help you keep your Whistler trip full of fun while spending less!


Hold off booking your hotel for as long as possible. When you do, visit a website that offers last minute deals. Whistler Reservations is a good example. There is also a number of bed and breakfasts as well as chalets around the village that often have better rates than hotels located centrally.


Head to a grocery store and stock up on packed lunch foods. This will save you a lot of money and allow you to continue on your adventures without having to stop. Another option is to look inside your Whistler Adventure Passport where you will find great deals on food at Tapley’s, Longhorn and Stonesedge.


A night out on the town can be hurtful to your wallet. Don’t miss out on Whistler’s night life because it’s not in your budget. Visit one of the many liquor stores to grab a six pack then mosey on back to your lodging and enjoy a few cold ones in your room prior showing up to the bar. Your wallet will thank you.

Public Transit

Whistler is small and has an excellent public transit system. Getting from the village to Cheakamus is as easy as looking at schedule and it’s very cost effective! You can buy a pass in advance if you know you will be utilizing this service.


We are going to safely guess that one of the reasons you are coming to Whistler is because of all the fun, adventurous, adrenaline driving things there are to do here. Many of these activities come at a cost and it can be challenging trying to fit as many in as possible while on a budget. We would suggest picking up an Adventure Passport where you will find deals on ATV’s, bike rentals, horse back riding, Zip Trek, white water rafting and much, much more!

Travelling to Whistler is about having the best time possible in the mountains. Don’t let your piggy bank stand in between you and experiencing the full range of what Whistler has to offer. These travel tips will help you stick to your budget while assisting you with getting the most value out of your money. An Adventure Passport is a great addition to your budget and a place to easily find deals. In addition, the passport has a range of travel information to help you navigate Whistler. When planning your budget, don’t forget to add a Whistler Adventure Passport in as it features over $1000 of savings on Whistler dining, attractions, tours and more!

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